How to Make Manifestaion Easier Using Human Design

Manifestation gets a bad wrap these days.

For the people who aren’t familiar with manifestation or how to effectively manifest, the self-proclaimed “guru’s” tend to leave a bad example when all they talk about is the rituals, tactics, or “cheat-codes” to manifestation.

And then when those tactics don’t work for people, the people feel like something is wrong with them, not the practice. But it’s completely the opposite!

There’s nothing wrong with you. You can manifest. And you can manifest easily.

The problem is that you haven’t been shown your actual process of manifestation, you’ve been shown the trendy-faux side of manifestation.

What Manifestation Really Is

Manifestation is the process of bringing things you desire into your reality. That’s it.

When you “manifest” something, you bring it into reality.

So therefore, the process to manifestation is simple:

Step 1: Decide what you desire.

Step 2: Take action to receive it.

It’s two simple steps.

However, since we as humans tend to have worries, fears, and anxieties around it being that simple, we need to do something to help our minds overcome those limiting beliefs.

And that’s where the tactics, strategies, and hacks come in.

That’s where the rituals, routines, and practices help.

But if you’re not doing those 2 crucial steps to manifestation, the tactics, rituals, and practices won’t manifest what you desire, because we live in a physical 3D world.

Meaning, there’s action we need to take to receive it.


Inspired Action vs Action for the Sake of Movement

Action doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

It could be as simple as tweaking our environment. Going to a place and putting ourselves into the line of receiving an opportunity. Doing one thing differently.

The options for what the action could be are endless.

Action based on an inspiration or an inspired thought is what I’m talking about here.

Not action for the sake of movement.

Action for the sake of movement looks like

  • forcing yourself to do things you don’t really want to do
  • forcing the timeline of the manifestation process
  • making yourself do something because the fear of not moving forward is creating urgency for you

That’s not inspired action. That’s fear-based action. Aka, action for the sake of movement.

Inspired action looks like

  • releasing the fears around limiting beliefs with what your manifesting
  • waiting for the inspired action download to come through your thoughts
  • resting and re-assuring yourself about your manifestation process

That’s inspired action. It’s love-based and has a relaxed, calm, content feeling behind it.

If an action has a sense of urgency behind it while you’re manifesting something, look into why you feel it has to be done with urgency.

Ask yourself if it is fear-based. And if it is, look into how you can release it and the underlying limiting beliefs that caused it.


Why Everyone Can Manifest

No matter what you may have experienced before with manifestation or if you have felt like it just doesn’t work for you, it can and it does already.

You’re constantly manifesting in your life already, just without seeing it as manifestation.

For example, the last time you wanted something from the store, whether it was a purse, or even food, what did you do?

You likely got it. Regardless of if you had to save up money to get it or you just went out to get it, either way, you’ve gotten yourself things before.

You’ve manifested every single thing in your life. And that’s power. That’s personal power to be able to change anything that you want, because you’ve created it yourself.

You can manifest.

You already do.

You just haven’t seen it as or said it was specifically “manifesting”.

How to Make Manifestation Easier

Having a personal manifestation process can make your whole process to manifestation easier.

Meaning, it won’t be feeling like something hard, or tedious, or struggle-bound when you’re manifesting something you want.

However, your process to manifestation is different than anyone else’s — and this is a good thing.

This explains why some things work and others don’t out of what you’ve tried before. And if you’ve only found things that didn’t work, that’s okay too. At least you know what hasn’t yet worked, and you’re still looking for what does.

This is where Human Design comes in.

Human Design is the best, most deeply accurate tool out there that can help you find your own process to manifestation that makes it easy, fun, and simple.

Especially the way that I teach it. I come from the belief that in order for things to be easier, we need to know how to use it in a simple, practical way. Though the “woo” is still incorporated, it’s applicable.

Take for example this article so far about manifestation.

Do you understand manifestation more? Does it make more sense now? Has it been explained in a simple way?

Manifestation itself is a very “woo” topic. Yet the way I explain things is very down-to-earth, practical, and simple (In true Taurus-Virgo form).

This is the same way I use Human Design and apply it to the manifestation process.

Grab the 22-page Simply, Human Design Basics Workbook

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Using Human Design for Manifestation

People who know of manifestation are usually missing one crucial component:

The energetics.

The way your energy works with the world around you is everything.

The way you magnetize your desires, the way your body connects to them, the way your mind connects to them, how you take your action, and even how you’re meant to focus on your manifestations are all ways that your energy affects your manifestation process.

And how do we know these things and how our energy wants to work with them?

Human Design.

This is why I created Manifestation By Design —  the only manifestation course you’ll ever need, to make Manifestation work for you, easily.

Manifestation By Design

In the Manifestation by Design course, I teach not only about my 4-step manifestation process, but how to incorporate the most important aspects of your Human Design chart to make manifestation easy for you.

In this self-paced course, we go through:

  • What rituals will actually work for you so you don’t have to waste your time on things that won’t
  • What details you’re designed to focus on (and which ones you aren’t so you can release the need to do it)
  • How often you’re designed to do your manifestation process (because contrary to popular belief, some people actually aren’t meant to do it every day!)
  • What the main way is that you connect to your manifestation (Hint: It’s not always feelings!)
  •  How you’re meant to interact with your manifestation process — whether you have a bigger role in creating it or not (this is HUGE)

and so much more!

This isn’t your every-day run-of-the-mill manifestation course.

This is the only manifestation course you’ll need to understand your process to manifestation to actually start seeing results.

The 4 modules:

Module 1: How manifestation works and my 4-step process

Module 2: How to release any limiting belief with my Belief Breakthrough workbook

Module 3: How to use your Human Design to create your own Manifestation process (This is where we will spend most of the time in the course. There’s over 6 lessons in this module alone!)

Module 4: A walkthrough of a Human Design chart to explain and demonstrate using Human Design in their Manifestations

If manifestation hasn’t worked consistently for you or it’s felt like a struggle, this is the course that will help get rid of the struggle, look at why it hasn’t been consistent yet, and make it easy for you to manifest going forward.

You don’t have to know much about Human Design either.

Because although we’ll use parts of the chart, I’ll explain everything you need to know to apply it to your manifestation process without needing to know the intricate, unuseable, esoteric knowledge.

I do recommend knowing the basis of your Human Design chart though, which you can easily learn about in my Simply, Human Design Basics guide.

Past that, you’ll learn everything you need to know in the course.

Already Know A Bit About Human Design and Manifestation?

For those of you who know a little about Human Design and Manifestation, here’s an overview of what we’re covering to know if this course is right for you:

  • My 4-step process to manifestation that works consistently for me and my clients
  • The Belief Breakthrough Workbook to overcome and release any limiting belief that may be blocking your manifestation
  • Specific vs Nonspecific manifestation and how to actually use it in your manifestation process 
  • Active vs Passive manifestation and how this works with the Specific vs Nonspecific type of manifestation
  • Whether to be consistent or inconsistent in your manifestations based on your chart and how it works with the Active vs Passive and Specific vs Nonspecific types
  • What your manifestation connection style is and how to find it in your Human Design chart as well as the rituals and practices that fit each one’s type
  • How to manifest using your defined and undefined centers and what your energy definition means about your manifestation process
  • Where your blocks and shadow beliefs are hiding in your Human Design chart and how to process and clear them out
  • And a walkthrough of a Human Design chart to explain how all these aspects come together in the manifestation process

If you’ve heard of some of these aspects before, rate your ability to use it in your manifestation process on a level of 1-10 (1 being not confident with using it practically at all, and 10 being you know exactly how to use it practically and you have, with consistent success)

If you have areas that are low for actually using it successfully, this course will help you use it in a way that’s easy, simple, and consistently successful.

How would it feel for you to have a manifestation process that:

  • Feels fun
  • Is easy to do (and takes less than an hour)
  • Actually manifests your desires consistently
  • And works in alignment with your energy

You’ll have a repeatable, reliable process to easy manifestation.

Then, all you need to do is be willing to take the action on using it.

If you desire to manifest everything you could ever dream of… 

the beach house, the dream career, the generational wealth, the freedom to do anything or go anywhere at any moment… 

Get access to the course here.

Are you joining us?

Learn more here

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